Wedding Services

Bridal and Party Make Ups

A woman's wedding day is something most dream of, and even plan, from the time they were little girls swinging on the playground. When the time actually arrives, a vast number of things have to be prepared and executed. On such a special day most brides want a totally different makeup scheme to their usual look, but many are worried about getting it wrong and ending up looking garish or overdone. Finding an experienced makeup artist, who will come up with a wedding makeup combination that suits both your skin tone and your wedding style, can ensure that you look beautiful in your wedding photos.Fairpoint have experienced makeup artist to make you the most beautiful bride in the world.

Wedding Bouquets and Car Decoration

We all know that everything in the weddings is intended to celebrate love and happiness. The bride, the groom, and their family and friends do intensive planning for weeks and sometimes even months, to look their best on their wedding day. And, it is not just the people who are adorned with beautiful clothes and jewellery. In fact, everything associated with a wedding is made to look like it is celebrating the occasion. That is why, even the car in which the couple go home together once the wedding is over, is also decorated beautifully..